JUNE PARK . illustrator . nyc
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"Inner Thoughts" is a collection of 12 greeting cards. These anatomical-themed cards each have a pun that goes with the organ part, and the puns convey messages that you wish to tell that special person but are sometimes too awkward or difficult to say in person. Inside the card is a little fun fact about the organ.

This is a collaboration I did with designer Miguel Yatco.

I illustrated the organs, and Miguel worked on the type. 

Click here to see all 12 illustrations!

by June Park

(Source: juneparkillustration)


Your Song

Antonius Bui has carved this song written by a friend into a amenable material. It’s fantastic how hearing becomes sight and words fly above the paper. In 2D vision with a direct sight on it, it seems like a simple text on a plain paper. But like the notes that are dancing to your ears, these quotes and lyrics are dancing to your eyes.

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